Avg weather in June
14 Hrs per day
4 mm per month
64 % avg
6 Mph avg

Beldibi Weather in June

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What’s the weather like in Beldibi in June?

June is a very popular time to visit Beldibi because the weather really starts to pick up. There’s less rainfall than previous months and you’ll get to enjoy warmer temperatures with long hours of sunshine per day.

Geographical influences

Beldibi is a charming resort in the District of Kemer in the Antalya Province in Turkey. Its location means the village experiences warm summers and mild winters, which makes it a perfect holiday destination all year round. June is especially beautiful, with very warm temperatures and at least ten hours of bright sunshine per day.


June has an average temperature of 30°C, which makes it one of the warmest months of the year. It’s the perfect time to visit if you love the heat and sunshine because you’ll have at least 14 hours of sunlight per day. At night, temperatures get a little cooler and lower to around 18°C, which is still very mild. Beldibi weather in June is also very dry and the region accumulates an average rainfall of just 4mm.

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