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Cap Salou

Cap Salou is a beautiful coastal resort in the Costa Dorada in northeast Spain. The resort is perfect for a sunny holiday at any time of the year. Its Mediterranean climate means that you can expect nothing but warm sunshine and high temperatures with just a small chance of rain.

The best time to go to Cap Salou is the summer, which enjoys a very warm climate that’s slightly cooler than regions on the south coast of Spain. The average temperature is 25°C that rarely drops below 20°C.

Rainfall isn’t a concern in Cap Salou with just a few short showers scattered throughout the year. The wettest month is September, which has an average rainfall of 50mm, which is still quite dry compared to other regions in Europe.

If you prefer slightly cooler temperatures, spring is the best time to visit Cap Salou. Temperatures are in the high teens and often reach highs in the low-20s. There’s not much chance of rain and you’ll notice the Mediterranean Sea starts to warm up towards May, which is a great time for a refreshing swim.

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