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Weather in Costa Teguise

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Costa Teguise
       Weather in Costa Teguise

      Costa Teguise

      The weather in Costa Teguise is consistently warm and pleasant throughout the year. Springtime is beautiful with temperatures reaching highs of 22°C in March and 23°C in April. Low humidity means it’s easier to enjoy outdoor activities without the balmy conditions that come with a higher humidity level. You can expect ten hours of sunshine a day with around 16mm of rain per month. Costa Teguise weather improves towards the end of May when temperatures reach the 20s (°C) and continue to increase. August is the warmest month with a daily high of 29°C, making it the best time of year to travel for perfect beach weather. Costa Teguise has over 3000 hours of sunshine per year, so you’re pretty much guaranteed great weather no matter when you visit. The skies are clear all summer and you shouldn’t expect any rain until October, which has an average rainfall of 10mm. Temperatures are around 22°C with the same sea temperatures. The climate remains hot all year-round and winter is just as lovely as the summer with highs of 21°C and mild lows of 15°C. Winds blow in from the west, which can bring temperatures up during the daytime. Rainfall increases to 25mm per month from December to February, so pack a light raincoat if you’re travelling to Costa Teguise for a winter holiday.

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