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Tenerife has year-round sunshine thanks to its location off the west coast of Africa. The climate is very hot and dry in the summer, so if you prefer things slightly cooler, you might prefer visiting in the spring or autumn.

Temperatures are around 18°C to 24°C in the winter, which is the best time to visit Tenerife for the coolest possible weather. Things heat up in the summer, with highs of 28°C lasting from June to September.

Trade winds blowing from the northeast of the island can make it seem slightly cooler, but don’t forget to wear sun cream. UV rays are still high, even with cooling winds and cold sea currents that help to keep temperatures and humidity levels from rising too high.

Mount Teide is a dormant volcano on the island that’s the highest point in Spain. It helps to block rain and the wind from hitting the south, which means you’ll find warmer and drier weather in this region than the north of the island.

If you love swimming, August is the best time to go to Tenerife. The average sea temperature is a lovely 23°C, which is perfect for a relaxing swim or some snorkelling with the fish.

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