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Weather in Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria
       Weather in Gran Canaria

      Gran Canaria

      The best time to go to Gran Canaria is in the summer when you’ll get lots of warm and sunny weather. The island is just 150km from North Africa’s west coast, which means the region enjoys a very hot and dry climate all year-round. High mountains occupy the centre of Gran Canaria, which bring additional shelter to the south of the island from strong winds from the northeast. The weather is also slightly warmer at the foothills of the mountains but as you move further up the hills, it gets cooler and wetter. Between June and September is the warmest time of the year with highs of 28°C. For slightly cooler temperatures, the best time to visit Gran Canaria is in the winter. December has an average temperature of 22°C with warm winds blowing in from across the Sahara Desert. The Canary Current helps to keep the climate warm and comfortable without getting too hot. The sea is mild for most of the year and rarely drops below 22°C.

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