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Italy is known for its warm, Mediterranean climate. Summers are always hot, sunny and dry while winters are cooler with an increased chance of rain.

The weather varies slightly depending on where you are in Italy. The Alps get a lot of heavy snowfall in winter, which is the best time to visit Italy for skiing and snow sports.

Rome, Florence, Venice and Sicily all enjoy a warm and dry summer with temperatures reaching 32°C. With 14 hours of sunshine, the summer is the best time to go to Italy for a classic beach holiday. If you prefer a slightly cooler climate, come in spring or autumn. There’s plenty of sunshine and temperatures are usually in the low-twenties.

January is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of just 8°C. Winter isn’t a bad time to visit Italy and the country still enjoys a lot of sunshine throughout the season. Scattered rain showers are more likely in December, which has an average rainfall of 38mm.

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