Weather in Venetian Riviera

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Venetian Riviera

The best time to go to Venetian Riviera for comfortable weather and lots of sunshine is spring or autumn. You can look forward to slightly milder temperatures than the summer, making everyday things such as sightseeing and shopping more enjoyable.

Humidity levels are also agreeable for most of the year, so you’re less likely to feel tired from the heat. Cooling breezes help with the warm weather and bring a refreshing break from the high temperatures of midday.

Temperatures are usually in the 20s, but July is the warmest month of the year with an average high of 28°C. The warm weather lasts from early June until September.

If you love swimming in the sea, you’ll be very pleased with your choice of resort. The waters along Venetian Riviera’s coast are very mild for most of the year. It can be quite chilly in the winter and early spring. The best time to visit Venetian Riviera for warm and inviting waters is between June and September.

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