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With Greece’s Mediterranean climate, you can expect warm weather and plenty of sunshine all year round in Stoupa.

Temperatures are usually in the mid-20s, but the best time to go to Stoupa is between July and August when temperatures reach highs of 30°C.

Cooling sea breezes offer a refreshing break from the intense summer heat but during winter, these winds are much colder and can lower temperatures. If you’re outside during the hottest time of the day, make sure to wear high-protection sun cream as UV levels can be very high in the summer.

If you prefer cooler temperatures, the best time to visit Stoupa is from November to early June. Temperatures reach highs of 14°C in winter, before increasing to the mid-20s in late spring.

December is the wettest month of the year with up to 120mm of rainfall spread over the month. The wet weather finally dries off in April, which has a monthly average of just 25mm.

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