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If you want to enjoy the constant sunshine and not much rainfall during your holiday, the best time to visit Lindos is during the summer. Temperatures are very high and the water is mild enough for a nice swim in the sea.

Temperatures are usually in the high 20s and rarely fall below 20°C. July and August are the hottest months and you can look forward to temperatures reaching up to 30°C.

Lindos’ location on Rhodes Island means it is on the same latitude as Turkey in the Aegean Sea. This influences the region’s tropical climate that ranges from dry and hot in the summer to wet and warm in the winter.

If you love to swim and would like to take part in popular water sports like windsurfing or snorkelling, the best time to go to Lindos is when the water is very mild. Sea temperatures are cool from November to April. They start to warm up in June, reaching the mid-20s by the time July arrives.

Rainfall gets heavier and more frequent in winter and the sea can be quite choppy due to strong winds. The average temperature is around 15°C and scattered showers are likely to occur from December to March.

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