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Kamari is a picture-perfect town on Santorini’s east coast. It enjoys a very pleasant climate and is known for its dramatic cliff views, bustling promenade and crystal clear waters

When you’re looking for the best time to visit Kamari, you need to decide whether you can handle the heat. The summer is the warmest time of the year and temperatures will reach highs of 29°C. For cooler weather, come in March when temperatures are around 15°C and there’s an increase in the amount of sunshine per day.

The weather is very dry in the summer and you won’t need an umbrella until autumn when rainfall begins to pick up. There’s around 75mm of rainfall per month from December to February, which makes winter the wettest season of the year.

If you love getting in the ocean and enjoying a relaxing swim on holiday, the best time to go to Kamari is from June to September. The average water temperature is in the mid to high-20s and regular sea breezes help to control humidity and cool you down from the heat.

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