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Bodrum Resort is located along the south-west coast of Turkey. It’s a popular beach resort for its golden beaches, spectacular coastal views, and sunny climate. Temperatures in Bodrum Resort often reach highs of 34°C in August, which is the hottest month of the year. You’ll have 13 hours of bright sunshine per day with temperatures rarely dropping below 20°C. The Mediterranean Sea is warm with an average temperature of 24°C in the summer that lowers to 20°C in November.

The weather in Bodrum Resort in autumn and winter is quite mild with chilly nights. The good weather lasts until the end of October with a daily average of 21°C that drops to 16°C at the end of November. Temperatures continue to drop throughout winter, lowering to 13°C in December and 12°C in January. December and January are both quite wet months compared to the rest of the year with an average rainfall of 108mm and 73mm per month.

Spring welcomes warmer weather to Bodrum with an average temperature of 21°C in May. Bodrum Resort weather in April and May is perfect for spending a day at the beach or getting active with some hiking through the countryside. You’ll have between nine and 12 hours of sunshine each day with warm sea temperatures towards the end of the season.



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