Avg weather in July
14 Hrs per day
1 mm per month
66 % avg
13 Mph avg

Bodrum Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in Bodrum in July?

Bodrum is a vibrant city and holiday resort on Turkey’s spectacular Aegean coast. A great destination for sun-drenched breaks, it has a Mediterranean climate which brings hot weather over the summer months. Temperatures are at their peak during July, perfect if you want a lazy holiday. Since it can get really hot in Bodrum at this time of year, try to take good care in the sun by applying lots of high factor sun cream and staying out of the sunshine between 11am and 3pm.


In July, the average temperature in Bodrum rises to 29ºC, with highs of 34ºC in the hottest part of the afternoon. At 23ºC, temperatures stay warm after the sun goes down, so having air conditioning in your hotel room’s a good idea. You’ll see just 10mm of rain this month, leaving you to enjoy ten hours of sunshine each day without worrying about the wet weather. The Aegean Sea’s a warm 24ºC in July, ideal for swimming, snorkelling and going on boat trips.

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