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Andalusia weather is very good throughout the year with the sun constantly shining for an average of three thousand hours a year. The summer starts in May and ends in September. Temperatures begin at around 24°C and peak at a sweltering 36°C in July and August. You’ll have 12 hours of sunshine a day with less than 5mm of rainfall per month. It’s easy to misjudge how hot it is thanks to a welcoming sea breeze that keeps the coast nice and cool during the hot summer days.

Temperatures in Andalusia drop to 20°C in October, which marks the start of autumn in the region. There’s slightly less sunshine each day, but you’ll still have at least seven hours of sunlight a day with just a few rain showers scattered throughout the season.

The weather in Andalusia cools to 11°C and 12°C by the time December arrives. Rainfall increases in winter, which is the wettest season of the year. You can expect around 76mm of rainfall in December that gradually lowers to 59mm by February.

Spring brings warmer weather to the region, with highs of 15°C in March that rises to 20°C in May. A cool breeze is common near the coast, which can cause a slight drop in the average temperature. The water is still too cold to swim in, but it’ll get warmer as the month’s progress and as spring moves into summer.

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