Malaysia – Things to do

You’ll find so many things to do in Malaysia that you’ll wish you were staying for longer. From fun in the sun to shopping, theme parks to temples, there are so many ways to spend your time.

Foodies will want to try the many mouth-watering cuisines in Malaysia and especially the cheap and delicious street food you’ll find from stalls everywhere. Head into the hills of the Cameron Highlands to find tea plantations and the best afternoon tea with scones.

If you like to shop, you’ll love Kuala Lumpur, one of the world’s top retail destinations. One of its shopping centres, Berjaya Times Square, is so big it even has its own theme park complete with rollercoaster. Great things to buy include electronic gadgets like cameras and mobile phones, shoes and designer bags. Look out for the mega sales in March, August and December. And for a taste of home, you can visit Topshop and even Debenhams.

You’re spoilt for choice for things to do in Malaysia, but these two don’t-miss places should be at the top of your list.


1.Petronas Twin Towers

You can’t miss this stunning piece of architecture which dominates the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. And after seeing them wherever you go in the city, you’ll want to get inside and take a ride to the top of the tallest twin towers in the world. Your best bet is to buy your ticket in advance. You can scale the towers in one of the 29 unusual double decker lifts to both the 42nd and 86th floors. Halfway up the futuristic buildings, after just 41 seconds in the lift, you can walk across the skybridge which connects the towers and is the world’s tallest two storey bridge. Then head on further up for the sweeping views of the city from the 86th floor, where you’re 375m (1,230ft) above the ground. Here you’ll find observation areas and a revolving restaurant to give you ever-changing views while you dine. Your visit to the Petronas Twin Towers can easily last all day, as at the bottom you will find the designer Suria shopping centre, packed with global brands from Zara to Chanel, and plenty of places to eat. Then relax at Kuala Lumpur’s stunning central park where you’ll love the stunning fountains with water displays shooting as high as 42m.


2.Redang Island

You’ll think you’ve arrived in paradise when you step on to Redang, an island off the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. You can stay in a resort or take a day trip by boat, as it’s just over an hour from Terengganu on the mainland. Redang is unspoilt and you might find yourself alone as you lie on a beach or hide away in a secluded rocky cove. The coral reefs are pristine, spectacular and close to the shore, so just walk into the clear, warm turquoise water. It’s so inviting that you’ll want to go snorkelling and diving, and equipment is readily available to hire. Or take a walk to the northern beaches to find where turtles lay their eggs, and along the way you might spot monkeys, monitor lizards and squirrels.