Redang Island in Malaysia

Floating some 50km north-east off the tip of Malaysia lies the stunning archipelago of Redang. Comprising of nine islands, including Redang itself, this remarkable group of islets provide a tropical paradise. Making up the marine park are Lima, Paku Besar, Paku Kecil, Kerengga Besar, Kerengga Kecil, Ekor Tebu, Ling, Pinang, and of course, Redang.

Redang is renowned as a resort island. One which combines both diving and luxury, guaranteeing you a slice of heaven on your Malaysia holiday. Its white powdery beaches are surrounded by palm trees and rainforests. The ideal set up for you to prop yourself up on a deckchair, pop open the latest bestseller, recline, and relax. When you feel like cooling off, Redang Island is famous for its exceptional underwater seascape.

You'll love how the sunlight glitters off the shimmering scales of the fish beneath the surface. Grab your snorkel and your loved ones and investigate the wonders that await you. Just a short swim from the shore among the kaleidoscopic coral, you'll find an array of mesmerising bright fish. If you're lucky, you might be able to swim with sea turtles and watch friendly sharks cruise the seabed.

Back on dry land, with soft white sands and secluded rocky coves, you'll find Long Beach. Considered to be one of Malaysia's most picturesque beaches, this oceanic stretch offers something for everyone. Dotted along the edges, you'll find a selection of eateries to please all tastes and budgets. Where better to enjoy freshly caught seafood than right next to the ocean from which it came?

Don your comfy walking boots and head off into the jungle trails to see what local wildlife you can spot. You'll find monkeys and monitor lizards aplenty, but if you want to watch the wild deer, you'll have to stay extra still.

After a day of flitting between watersports and sunbathing, there's nothing more romantic than watching the sunset over the South China Sea. Watch in awe as magnificent red, orange, and purple swirls fill the sky and bounce off the ocean's mirror-like surface beneath.

You'd need to venture to the opposite side of the island away from the resort to really appreciate it, so why not do it in style? There's plenty of sunset cruises to take part in, or if you'd prefer some exclusivity, you can charter your own boat and then watch the day turn into night while relaxing under the stars. Hop on a boat from Merang Jetty, and you'll find yourself in a prime sunset viewing position in less than 30 mins.

Whether you book a resort and stay on the island or just make a point of visiting as part of a multi-stop trip, Redang Island is not a location to miss on your holiday to Malaysia.

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