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Lollo & Bernie

Fun for all the family

Lollo & Bernie, the friendly giraffe and bear, are the mascots of our Kids’ Clubs. The favourite part of their day is meeting people and making new friends; they’ll greet you with the biggest hugs. They love to have fun, play games and go on exciting adventures. Join Lollo & Bernie for fun-filled activities and learn their special dance; it’s lots of fun for everyone (even the grown-ups).


Lollo the giraffe

Lollo’s a giraffe who was born in Africa, and while she was a happy creature with lots of friends, she longed for adventure. Lollo was curious and loved exploring, dancing and performing and she couldn’t wait for her moment to shine at the Lollo & Bernie Kids’ Club!

Lollo the Giraffe Factsheet

Bernie the bear

Bernie the bear was born in the far north of Europe. He was bored in his cave and missed the warm sun of summer. He didn’t like that the winters were so long and the summers so short, so one day he boarded a plane with a sunny heart and never went back to the cold.

Bernie the Bear Factsheet

Where can you find Lollo & Bernie

You can find Lollo & Bernie at many of our hotels, it’s best to check with your hotel before you book to make sure you’ll be able to enjoy all the fun. There are clubs for kids of all ages that are open six days a week. Most sessions are free and a small charge applies to others. Places are limited so admission will be on a first come first served basis and is subject to your agreement with our policies/procedures available from our representatives. This includes a parent/guardian signing each child into the club, and out of the club, when our staff feel it’s safe to do so.