Family holidays to Santorini

Book an exciting Santorini family holiday and it won't be long before you're relaxing on the sandy beach while your kids have the time of their lives. Family holidays to Santorini are so popular because the island has a great variety of activities and attractions for all ages.

If you take a boat ride out to sea and look back at the island, you'll notice it has quite a unique and rugged landscape. Its unusual but intriguing appearance was influenced by the effects of a volcanic eruption that happened thousands of years ago.

However, it's also helped the island to stand out from the rest and it attracts large crowds to its sandy shores each year. If you want to soak up the island's rich culture, head to the Archaeological Museum for a look into Santorini's past. As you walk around the island and pass by its whitewashed buildings, quaint shops and beautiful vineyards, you'll notice that the island has an authentic traditional Greek feeling to it.

Because of the volcanic eruption, the beaches have a slightly greyish tone to them, but they're still velvety soft and ideal for an afternoon spent sunbathing under the shining sun. Kids will love spending time on the beach too and they'll be able to enjoy various water sports such as windsurfing and snorkelling.

No matter how you want to spend your time on the island, booking one of our Santorini family holidays guarantees an action-packed family holiday you won't forget.

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