Runaway Bay – Weather

The weather in Runaway Bay is very warm and sunny all year round thanks to its location in Jamaica. You’re guaranteed clear skies and high temperatures for most of the year, which makes Runaway Bay the perfect holiday destination.

If you want to escape the cold and dull winter weather at home, come to Runaway Bay. The climate is mild over winter with an average temperature of 27°C around midday that gradually lowers to 18°C in the evening. You’ll need an umbrella for your visit though as the region has quite a lot of heavy rain showers over the cold months. December has a monthly average of 186mm that drops to 148mm in January. On average, there are around seven days of rain per month, which isn’t many but there’s still a good chance you’ll see some showers during your stay.

The weather in Runaway Bay climbs to 27°C between March and May, which is springtime in Jamaica. Rainfall is still quite prominent with around 102mm in April and 193mm in May.

For a warmer climate, visit Runaway Bay in the summer. Temperatures are high and enjoyable with an average high of 29°C in June that rises to 30°C in July and August. Unfortunately, rainfall hasn’t ceased yet and you can expect around 14 days of rain each month.

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