Rose Hall Great House

There are several grand old plantation houses in easy reach of Montego Bay but if you only go to one, make it Rose Hall Great House. It’s said to be haunted by a former resident, a white witch, so night time tours are popular. We recommend you go in the daytime if you’re easily spooked or you won’t be able to concentrate on the beautiful architecture and gardens. Either way, you’ll get to hear all about the history of the house, including the sad tale of Annie Palmer that made it so famous.

Just outside Montego Bay is Belvedere Plantation, where you can see the ruins of an old sugar factory, taste fresh sugar cane and find out how the 1,000 acres are still farmed today. And if you’re happy to go further afield, it’s worth making the trip to Croydon Plantation, where Blue Mountain coffee is grown, amongst other tasty produce.

For something a little different, spend some time at the Ras Natango Gallery and Garden, which is just as unusual as its name. It’s easy to get to this mountainside eco paradise via the free shuttle service from Montego Bay (you’ll need to book). Once you’re there, you can wander through botanical gardens and bird sanctuary, admire the work of the resident artists and enjoy the breathtaking views of Montego Bay and the Caribbean Sea. Plan ahead and you might even be able to join an art class.