The bustling resort of Varadero is a 20km-long peninsula situated along Cuba’s northern coast. It’s known for being one of the largest holiday resorts in the Caribbean, and one of the most popular too. It’s not just the many hotels that make it a favourite amongst tourists, but also its outstanding natural surroundings. The peninsula is only 1.2km wide, which means you’re always in walking distance of beautiful white sand beaches. Varadero has an extensive list of activities, whether it’s snorkelling alongside sea turtles in the crystal clear waters off the Cuban coastline, or experiencing Cuba’s nightlife in its bars and restaurants.

History and culture

Varadero’s history and culture is present all over the town. The beach was first built up in the 1930s and was crafted to be Cuba’s biggest tourist hotspot. Throughout the 1950s and 60s it was a destination for Cuba’s rich; flooded with doctors, lawyers and businessmen. After a change in power during the early 1970s, Varadero opened up to tourists from around the world. It’s estimated that 1 million tourists visit the peninsula each year to get a taste of Cuba’s famous history and culture for themselves.

Night life

Aside from its glistening white beaches and crystal clear seas, Varadero has some of the most vibrant nightlife in Cuba. Dance to salsa, merengue, and live Cuban music in one of the bars or clubs, many of which stay open until the early hours. But before the party gets in to full swing, be sure to visit one of the restaurants in the town centre. Renowned for their impressive local cuisine and abilities to cater for guests’ needs, there will definitely be something on the menu for you.