Romantic Things To Do In Cyprus

Romantic Things To Do In Cyprus

Cyprus has been known as the ‘island of love’ since Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, arose from the foaming waves that lap the shores of Paphos. Today, millions of people visit the island to enjoy romantic escapes with the special person in their life.

To find you the most romantic activities, we surveyed our customers who’ve recently been to Cyprus to make sure you have as good a time as they did. Here are their 9 top rated things to do to guarantee romance whilst you’re on the island:

  1. Romantic Bike Rides Overlooking the Sea

Cycling may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of romance, but whilst on the beautiful island of Cyprus, it’s one of our customers’ favourite things to do as a couple Cycle through mountains in the pleasant Mediterranean climate until you find the perfect picnic spot, taking in the stunning surroundings of the island whilst spending special moments with each other. Wheelie Cyprus and Bikin’Cyprus Adventures offer plenty of cycling activities to suit your needs, whether you’re looking to hire road bikes or mountain bikes for self-guided routes, or you’re after an expert to guide to along the way.

If you’re a couple that seeks adrenaline-filled activities, enter the Cyprus Sunshine Cup to add a little competition to your trip.

How much is it?

Prices vary depending on the package you choose. You can find more information here.

Why is it great for couples?

Beautiful scenery, a bit of competition to add to the spark, finished off with celebratory champagne.

  1. Walking Hand in Hand Along the Coast
SENTIDO Sandy Beach

Get back to nature and simply walk through the landscapes of Cyprus. Whether that’s taking a leisurely walk along the island’s many beaches, hiking the Troodos Mountains or trekking through the stony bays and steep hills of Akamas Peninsula, romance doesn’t have to be costly.

You’re sure to find a walk that suit your preferences at Cyprus Walks. Our customers voted the Baths of Aphrodite as one of their most loved walks; a circular walk following the Aphrodite Trail. With steep climbs and descents, it can be a little challenging, but the sights are definitely worth it. Make sure you wear a sturdy pair of walking boots or durable trainers.

How much is it?

Entry is free of charge. There is also free parking if you need to drive to the location, as it is a 45-60 minute drive from Paphos centre.

Why is it great for couples?

Walking this trail provides you both with the rare opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Baths of Aphrodite are truly spectacular, with glistening waterfalls and clear springs.

  1. Discover the Island Together Via Segway

If walking or cycling is a little too normal for you, why not hire a Segway to explore the island? Providing you with hours of fun, travelling around on a Segway is something you’ll never forget. Hire yours from Segway Station, located in the island’s capital city, Nicosia.

How much is it?

A 3 hour Segway tour costs €44 per person and 2 hours cost €32.

Why is it great for couples?

You get to explore the island together in the most unusual way.


  1. Wine Tasting Amid Picturesque Vineyards

Sipping fine wine under the sun has got to be one of the most relaxing experiences, and with Cyprus’ breath-taking surroundings, it has to be one of the most romantic things to do. Our customers highly rated Fikardos Winery; with several vineyards in Paphos, Fikardos has fine-tuned the art of wine-making, offering some of the finest wines in Cyprus.

We’ve also taken advice from avid enthusiast of the island, Helen of Cyprus Travel Secrets, to find the very best of the best. Visit family-owned Vlassides Winery to not only taste some of the island’s best wines, but to also experience a taste of Cypriot culture. Although many of the wines are produced in different locations across the island, the wine-tasting takes place in the Vlassides’ family home.

How much is it?

Prices vary. To ensure your wine-tasting experience is everything you and your partner want, contact Vlassides directly to find your perfect package and make a bespoke booking. To speak with the owners themselves, call +357 99441574.

If you’d simply like to find the finest establishments serving local wines with delicious dinners, take a look at the top rated bars and restaurants across Cyprus, as recommended by Whine on the Rocks. If you’re a true wine connoisseur, Wines and Tours offer unique wine-tasting holidays consisting of several tours, allowing you to explore even more of the island and its wines.

Why is it great for couples?

Situated in the traditional Troodos village of Koilani in Limassol, you can spend time together amongst the most beautiful scenery. You won’t be bombarded by tourists; instead you can enjoy the luxury of an intimate, tranquil setting.

  1. Beer Tasting in the Hills of Paphos

If wine isn’t your thing, why not sample some of the local beers? Located in Paphos, Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company will please your palette with its assortment of locally brewed beers, including Bavarian Lager, Irish Red Ale and American-Style India Pale Ale. You’ll also receive expert advice on food pairing to make your experience even tastier!

How much is it?

Fantastic value for money, five sample beers will cost €5.50. The brewery tour is free to all customers Monday-Friday at 14:00.

Why is it great for couples?

This activity is something a little different,and if you’re both lovers of beer, you’re guaranteed to have a great time together.

  1. Authentic Cuisine for Two

During your romantic break away, you’ll want to enjoy the local cuisine by candlelight, and what better way to find the perfect place to dine than taking the advice of locals who know and love the food so well? Cyprus Taste Tours offer walking or driving food tours, where you can taste delicious, authentic foods, whilst exploring Cypriot towns and villages. From home-grown fruits and vegetables to flavoursome spices and cheeses, you’re sure to give your taste buds a treat.

How much it is?

Each tour has its own cost, but you’re likely to pay around €75 per person for a dinner tour. To find a tour that’s perfect for you, email the company directly and they’ll be happy to help.

Why is it great for couples?

You and your partner can explore the island and its finest restaurants and eateries, whether you want an exciting day time adventure or a romantic, candlelit evening dinner.

For even more local food inspiration, visit for everything from recipes to eateries specialising in breakfasts, mains and desserts.

  1. Soak up the Sun on a Luxury Boat Trip

Take to the sea on a romantic boat trip where you can unwind and enjoy each other’s company in the most beautiful setting. Charter Fishing Cyprus offers various boat trips; set sail for half a day from Latchi to Blue Lagoon, Paphos to Coral Bay or Aphrodite’s Rock, or jump on board for a full day heading to Lara Bay, Coral Bay and Akamas Peninsula. Enjoy local cuisine and wines on board, take in the sights and relax under the sun.

If you’re a couple that loves luxury, book a tour on a quality catamaran to laze in the sun whilst sailing around the island. Fun Seaker offers luxury tours where you can take advantage of their VIP services on your own private boat.

Our customers highly recommend glass bottom boat rides whilst on holiday in Cyprus, and Latchi Boat Cruises will offer you a relaxing cruise with stunning undersea views. Watch out for shoals of fish swimming through the turquoise waters as you sail across the Akamas coast to the Blue Lagoon Bay.

How much is it?

The glass bottom boat trip costs €20 per person, which includes wine, juice and fruit to enjoy on board.

Why is it great for couples?

Take in the stunning views of the coast and its sea life, whilst sipping wine in the sunshine – it’s perfect for a little romance.

  1. Spend the Day Together Wildlife Watching

Step out into nature and discover the island’s wildlife with Cyprus Birding Tours. You’ll team up with an experienced birder to take you bird watching, so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for – and looking at! If you’re experienced at bird watching yourselves, you can ask your birder to find specific species or habitats that you’d like to see, making the trip even more special.

How much is it?

Each tour has a different price. You can choose to go out for half a day, a full day or a few days; simply contact them for a bespoke package and price.

Why is it great for couples?

If you’re both lovers of birds, this will be a truly magical activity to experience, and if you’re new to bird watching, it’s an ideal opportunity to  start a new adventure together.

  1. Learn Something New Together at Museums and Galleries

Visiting local museums and galleries is a great way to get to know a new place, and thanks to our customers’ feedback on their holiday to Cyprus, we’ve found a museum that’s perfect if you want to inject some fun into your trip. Archimedes is an educational playground, and not just for children! Lose yourself in a world of interactive science and simulators; fly a hot air balloon, build a bridge and walk over it, and take on the mirror maze. A day at this museum will make you feel like a little kid again.

How much is it?

Tuesday – Friday: €6, Saturday – Sunday €7

Why is it great for couples?

Forget about taking life too seriously, and have some fun with each other. You’re guaranteed to leave the place laughing.

With so much to do as a couple in Cyprus, you’re sure to find romantic activities that are perfect for you. Be prepared to bring home memories that will last forever and photo albums you can show the grandchildren.

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