Choose Your Room: top tips on picking the one that's right for you

If you ask me, there’s nothing more exciting than booking a holiday and counting down the days in anticipation. You’ve put all that effort into choosing the perfect destination, the right resort and the best hotel; the last thing you want is to arrive and be put in a room that’s not quite right for your needs. But now, with Thomas Cook giving you the option to Choose Your Room before you set off on holiday, even that will be perfect too; helping you get the very best out of your well-deserved trip.

TV presenter and property location expert, Amanda Lamb

Room to relax

Your hotel room needs to feel like a home away from home, and it needs to be just right for the way that you holiday. So, if you’re like me and have two young children, I’m sure a priority for you will be being close to the action with a poolside room or somewhere near the kids’ club. After all, you never know how many times you’re going to have to nip back to the room to fetch those forgotten nappies or armbands.

On the other hand, if you’re not holidaying with kids, you might be looking for a slice of tranquillity. In which case, for the most peace and quiet, you’ll surely want a room on the hotel’s top floor where you’ll get minimal disturbance from other guests.

Your room choice will depend on a number of things, from your age to your lifestyle preference. So take a look at some more of my top tips on how to choose the right room to relax, giving you greater control of your holiday.

For young couples

You’ve backpacked around the world and want to travel some more before having kids. But you like the finer things in life, so certainly won’t be roughing it on holiday.

  • Instagram obsessed? Take the view into account when choosing your room and use the compass on the floor plan so you know where the sun sets - that way you won't even need to #filter.
  • Go for the top floor so you won't be disturbed with the patter of tiny feet. But watch out, if you’re planning on taking an inflatable unicorn or flamingo, consider a room lower down so you don’t have to cart it up and down the stairs or squeeze into the lift.

For families with little ones

You’re a hard-working family that works harder still to get a good deal for your summer holiday. Your holidays are all about making memories together in the sun.

  • Let's face it, going away with the little ones in tow means there will be multiple trips back to the hotel room for a long list of forgotten items. Choose a room that is close to the pool and/or kids’ activities, but not too close to the bar or evening entertainment – you want to keep that relaxed holiday vibe.
  • If travelling with relatives or another family, make sure you book rooms near each other. That way, the kids can play while the adults can enjoy wine together.

For families with older kids

You’ve shared plenty of getaways together, but now the kids are getting older, you want maximum holiday thrills.

  • You're probably fairly certain on which room you want, but have you asked your teenagers what they want? Choose together to ensure everyone is happy when you put the key in the door.
  • Your young adults are going to want some independence and you're probably going to want a break too. Keep everyone happy by choosing a room near to the action. They can spend time on Snapchat while you’re safe in the knowledge that they're not too far away.

For older couples

You’re either spending the kids’ inheritance, or spoiling them with a family holiday they’ll never forget.

  • Are you going away with the whole family - kids and grandkids? Come the evenings you probably want a bit of quiet time. Make sure you speak to the rest of your booking and choose room locations that are going to keep the whole party harmonious.
  • Are you an early riser? Make sure you take a look at the compass on the floor plan and choose a room where the sun rise will peak through the curtains every morning.

If Choose Your Room is on offer in your selected hotel, you’ll receive an email six days before your holiday, asking you to make your choice from what’s available.

What’s the most important thing to you when choosing your ideal hotel room? Let me know in the comments below.