5 Great Places to Hire a Car and Hit the Open Road

When I’m heading off on a holiday, I either have total relaxation on my mind or a real taste for adventure. If you prefer to do a bit of exploring on your getaway, hiring a car could be the perfect choice. It can be harder than you might think to get around your destination. Many hotels are found far away from the hotspots and excursions can quickly become expensive, without giving you enough choice of places to visit and things to do. If hiring a car’s something you’ve never considered before, now’s the time to buckle up, hit the open road and immerse yourself in a world of discovery. Take a look at five great places to discover in a car below, from snowy Iceland to Florida’s sandy shores.


Bala Falls in Canada

Going on holiday to Canada has always appealed to me, especially as they seem to have four ‘proper’ seasons, unlike the UK! Rather than a dull, drizzly autumn, their months of September and October always seem to be so full of colour. If you hire a car and explore Ontario, you can head to the township of Muskoka Lakes, which is loved by locals and visitors alike for its colourful landscape. Cruise along highways lined with Canadian maples, birches and evergreens, or trail off to explore rocky shorelines and the Bala Falls. It’s sure to be a charming drive you’ll always remember.


Navagio Beach in Zante

Greece is another great place to hire a car, because there’s something for absolutely everyone. If you love culture like me, a discovery around Athens amongst ancient Colosseums and temples might be just the thing for you. However, if enjoying some scenery is more up your street than exploring history, choose one of the Greek islands. Zante’s Navagio Beach is famously picturesque, with its turquoise waves, cotton-coloured beach and mysterious shipwreck. It looks even better from the winding mountain roads above, and will give you some great photo opportunities.


Miami Beach in Florida

A melting pot of vibrant cultures and communities, there’s so much to discover in Florida. After seeing all those shots of Miami Beach in films, I’ve always had it on my bucket list of places I’d love to visit. From here, you can journey even further south to the Florida Keys, which definitely feel more Caribbean in spirit. Think sizzling food stalls and cool street performances around every corner. There’s no reason not to go exploring, as many of our Florida holidays include car hire. Holidaying with the kids? Drive up to the Kennedy Space Center for a fun-filled afternoon like no other.


Formentor in Majorca

Some of my favourite childhood memories feature a bright red car and Majorca’s rolling landscape. I always remember travelling up to Lluc Monastery, following the windy mountain roads and taking tummy-tickling hairpin bends. One thing that’s great about Majorca is, although hilly, their roads are generally well-laid with smooth tarmac, which makes getting around a breeze. There’s plenty to do here, so whether you’re after discovering a secluded beach on the other side of the island or want to head to landmarks such as the Formentor Lighthouse, you can do it all.


Dyrholaey in Iceland

If you’re looking for something totally different to sun, sand and sea, head to Iceland and hire a car to travel on the Ring Road, which will take you all around the country. Iceland’s truly a magical place where you can see lively geysers and erupting volcanoes by day and the magical Northern Lights by night. Drive alongside the stunning fjords, taking in views of blue icebergs and gigantic glaciers. All that sightseeing sounds like hard work, so why not stop off in Reykjavik at the Blue Lagoon? Unwind in the geothermal spa and treat yourself to an algae mask; you’ll be feeling brand new in no time!

Have you ever hit the road on holiday before? Are there any picturesque routes you’d like to recommend? I’d love you to share your thoughts below.