15 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

There’s nothing more exciting than booking exotic, faraway holidays, with nothing but crystal clear seas, golden sands and swaying palm trees to focus your gaze on. But with all of the excitement and planning, it’s easy to forget about one frustrating little inconvenience that can wreak havoc on your fun in the sun – jet lag.

The symptoms of jet lag affect us all in different ways, and the older you get, the more susceptible you become. And did you know that it is caused by what direction you are flying in, NOT the duration of the flight?

There are plenty of great holiday destinations where you can avoid the dreaded effects of jet lag, though. For example, Gran Canaria and Tenerife share the same time zone as us, so no need for any early or late nights before your trip. Cape Verde is also just an hour behind and Egypt just two hours ahead, so there would be minimal disruption to your holiday.

But don’t worry, because with a little bit of forward thinking, you can beat jet lag and knock it on the head before it knocks you for six. Check out our brilliantly useful infographic below for some great tips on how to cure jet lag…


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