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Holiday Book Selector – Find a Book for your Holiday

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What makes you love reading? #WorldBookDay – Tired Mummy of Two Test 25th May, 2016 - 3:07 pm

[…] The one thing I really enjoy about reading is when you find a new author, either through recommendation or chance and within a few paragraphs you are hooked, everything else gets forgotten. I have missed my stop on the bus countless times as I have been so engrossed in a book, I have also nearly missed picking the kids up from school! I particularly enjoy the peace and quiet a book can give you, I find that when the pages are open everything else melts into the background, the kids screaming, the hubby moaning, no matter what it is it doesnt exist in the world of my book. This is especially true when on holiday, a beach, a book and a cold drink can keep me happy for hours. This is when my kindle comes in very handy because I go through books so quickly when away and I would have to pack quite a few even if I was going for a week. Thomas Cook have just brought out a fabulous app that can recommend a book to you for when you go on holiday which should hopefully make choosing the next books to read a bit easier. Check out the Holiday book selector. […]

Top Tips for Family Fun in the Sun – travelling is fun - My Telegraph 13th January, 2015 - 11:28 am

[…] A holiday isn’t complete without a good book and Thomas Cook has launched a brand new ‘Holiday Book Selector’ app in collaboration with NOOK®, to help you pick your ideal summer read to complement the destination you’re travelling to. The ‘Holiday Book Selector’ is accessible via https://www.thomascook.com/blog/holiday-book-selector/ […]


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