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Thomas-Cook-Face-292x400Way back in 1841, one man made it his mission to help Britons see the world, right from his very first organised trip from Leicester to Loughborough by train. And now, nearly 175 years later, the legacy of Thomas Cook lives on and is the best loved and most trusted name in travel, taking people much further than the original short train journeys. We want to continue that legacy through our blog and hope that we can help you get the most out of every holiday that you book.

My role as the author

Me-Vietnam-400x400My name is Sadie Geoghegan and my job and the purpose of the blog is to inspire you when it comes to making, ultimately, one of the most important decisions of your year: where to go on holiday. I like to provide you with knowledge, advice, hints and tips. Not only on where to go, but how to pack, what to do when you’re there and all things in between. I want to deliver information about all your favourite places but also introduce you to new and exciting destinations and encourage you to get out there and explore something different.

My passions and experience

My passion for seeing the world lead me to pursue a career in travel writing, ever since I bought a round the world ticket in my gap year before university. I’ve now worked in the travel industry for six years since graduating and have visited 37 countries so far, providing a lot of insight for the posts that you read on this blog. The countries I’ve travelled to span Europe, North America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. I’d therefore like to think that I can help with any questions or queries you may have when it comes to choosing the right holiday for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Seychelles-Beach-Panorama-800x177Blog content

We are always open to suggestions as to what you would like to see featured on the blog. So if you have any ideas or requests, please do get in touch by commenting below. As well as ideas, we’re also keen to work more closely with guest bloggers. If you think you have something you can bring to the blog, then I’d love to hear from you. Again, comment below if you’d like to get involved.

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  • Beci Wood

    Hello – I’m a journalist with more than 14 years experience working for national newspapers, travel websites and TV. I would love to contribute to your blog and was wondering if you could please provide an email so I can reach you or please get in touch via beciwoodmedia@gmail.com. Many thanks in advance. Beci.

  • Sonia Alexandra Oc

    Hello, my name is Sonia and I work for the cultural center Entrelenguas, which is located in a town called Ronda in the beautiful Andalusia.

    Our mission is to fuse education, tourism and culture in outstanding Spanish courses and original activities for travelers to encourage slow tourism. No matter the activity, we place a huge emphasis on including the local community in all that we do.

    I have great interest in sharing some insider tips of Ronda on your blog. I would be very happy about a positive response and cannot wait to be a part of your blog. Thanks so much for considering my request!
    For further information you can send me an email at team@entrelenguas.es.

    Best Wishes

  • Jorge A Lara

    Hello! My name is Aquiles Lara im a Youtuber and travel blogger from mexico. i was wondering if you have an email where i cand send you some ideas or send me a mail: alclothes@hotmail.com for a collaboration with the airline Blog. Thank you so much.

    Kind Regards.
    Aquiles Lara

  • Jarred


    I’m a South African freelance travel writer, who would like to write a few guest blogs for your blog.

    Please email me at manassejarred@gmail.com if this is something that interests you?

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Sadie

    So great to find your blog as I am hoping to take my 16 year old daughter with Cerebral Palsy to explore the world safely. However, we are on a shoestring. I am a writer, blogger, English teacher, Emotional well-Being Specialist who just wants to broaden her horizons before it’s too late. I am hoping to swap my writing abilities for tickets, flights, anything really. If you think you can help, Please do get in touch.

    Postcard Pam x

  • Adam Foster

    Hi Sadie,

    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. My wife and I are planning a huge road trip back and forth across the US this summer and would love to write a guest blog along the way. Let me know if you’d like to pursue this and drop me an email:

    Best wishes,

  • Shaun Johnson

    Hey Sadie,

    My name is Shaun and I work for luxury swimwear and beachwear store Simply Beach, have you heard of us? We’re big fans of the blog and we think we could work together on the perfect collaboration and add value to your audience with a £500 Simply Beach giveaway.

    Would love to discuss terms of the competitions or any ideas you have around how you would like to promote the
    giveaway. We’re looking for a reciprocal marketing relationship and we would not charge for this promotion but please advise if there is a cost from your end.

    Look forward to chatting soon and really hope we can get something underway as I really think your audience will love our store.

    Kind regards,

    Shaun – shaunjohnson@simplybeach.com

  • TakeLessons

    Hey Sadie,

    Came across your blog after seeing your infographic about learning Spanish in 10 days on the Gringos Abroad blog — cool graphic! Here at TakeLessons, we put together our own infographic about some of the unique (and quirky!) New Year’s Eve traditions around the world. We sent it out to our language students, and it’s been getting great feedback. Would you be interested in taking a look at it? If so, please email me at sstgeorge@takelessons.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or talk about a possible guest post exchange!


  • Hi,
    am Suzan Hall, content writer by profession and adventure blogger. I came across your website and found some really interesting articles. Hence, I am interested in submitting a guest post for your site.
    I can assure you that the article would be well-researched and insightful. I completely understand your writing style and standards.

    Here are some post ideas that I think would resonate with your audience.

    How To Take Advantage Of A Day Cruise?

    Tips To Explore Big Cities In Low Budget

    Enjoy San Francisco Sightseeing Tour Via Road

    I am also open to ideas you want me to write as well.

    Please revert me back, if you are interested in publishing some quality content on your site.

    Suzan Hall

  • Vicki

    Hi Sadie,

    Your blog posts are fantastic 🙂

    I have a brilliant resource and idea for a post on data roaming and it would be great if you would get in contact. You can reach me at vicki.garthwaite@broadbandgenie.co.uk.

    Many thanks,


  • Tim Holton

    Took a hol with TC mid Aug to end Aug and they have to be the WORST travel company we have used. Even before the hols began they changed us to a different airline who didn’t allow pre booking of seats at much worse times and failed to inform us of the changes until we rang them. They even sent us a URGENT email about our holiday 5 days into it. There was virtually no TC rep on site or on the trips. The trips seemed designed to get money for minimum value. If you go to Rhodes DO NOT take their trip tp butterfly valley and the island. Chances are you’ll be travelling by coach and ferry for over 6 hours for just a few hours at the venues. Much to our surprise we were even asked without pre warning to pay to get into the butterfly valley. We were so appalled by TC we booked a minibus to the airport rather than rely on them. At the airport the reps were mainly invisible. I walked out at one point to find one. He said “sorry, I am Polish, I don’t understand…”. We stood in queues for nearly 3 hours without moving forward. They changed which check in we should be in twice to no effect. We will not be going with TC for the foreseeable future.

  • Emms Publicity


    I’m writing to see if you’re planning any Ibiza features this summer.

    We have 3 residencies there this year. The biggest is Carl Cox’s Music Is Revolution every Tuesday at Space, now in its 14th year! Plus we have brand new nights, HYTE every Wednesday at Amnesia and Suara every Friday at Sankeys. All three with amazing line ups.

    Carl Cox’s ‘Music is Revolution’ at Space runs until 22 September

    HYTE at Amnesia runs until 30 September

    Suara at Sankeys runs until 25 September

    Let me know if any could be of interest and I can send over more info and full line-ups etc.



  • Jill Playford

    Hi, is it possible to arrange your own taxi transfer from the airport to the resort. My friend doesn’t deal well with coach travel and the transfer is 1.5 hours.

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Jill. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, if you give us a call on 01733 224 800, one of our dedicated travel experts will be able to add a taxi transfer onto your booking. However, this will be at an additional cost. Hope you have a great holiday. Thanks – Sadie.

  • Georgia Furness

    Hi Sadie,

    I’m a Lifestyle Blogger (http://loveonthewallblog.blogspot.co.uk/) and I’m travelling to Crete with Thomas Cook in September. I’m really interested on blogging about the trip and feeding back to my readers about what will hopefully be a fantastic trip. If this is something I could work with Thomas Cook on, or you’d be interested in, please do let me know at loveonthewallblog@gmail.co.uk

    Thank you,

  • Liv Grace

    Hi, i have checked in online for a holiday to marmaris and received my departing boarding passes. How do i get my returning boarding passes?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Liv. Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to print off return boarding passes for Dalaman. You will need to check in at the airport on the day of your return flight and they will give you your boarding passes then. Hope you have a great holiday in Marmaris. Thanks – Sadie

  • SadieGeoghegan

    Hey Jess. Apologies for the delay, but I have just dropped you an email. Thanks – Sadie

  • Bonnel Jones

    I and my partner booked a holiday to Spain with Thomas Cook we were not told that a conference would be taking place in the area we were going and that the hotel we were staying would be under heavy military guards with machine guns this wrecked our holiday Thomas Cook say that they were not aware of this but the Thomas Cook rep at the Hotel told us that he knew about it for some time I spoke to Thomas Cook (Jamie) if that is his real name but he was not very helpful.

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Bonnel. Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your recent holiday to Spain. If you would like to raise an official complaint, can I ask that you give our customer relations team a call on 0844 412 5954. Alternatively, you can fill out a form online by clicking on the following link: https://www.thomascook.com/customer-relations/ Thanks – Sadie

  • Jess Signet

    Hey there Sadie, I’m Jess – I’m a travel blogger with a site at http://tripelio.com
    I like your blog, and I would love the opportunity to talk to you about a guest post. I have been working on something that I think would be perfect for your site.
    If you are interested, could you email me at jesstripelio2 [at] gmail com?
    Thanks so much!

  • Colin davies

    Hi I am going to tenerife in December with Thomas cook .and I would like to Take my golf clubs.i have clicked onto manage my booking followed the links be can’t succeed .i have repeatedly tried but no go can you help

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Colin. Thanks for getting in touch. If you’re having no luck online, please call one of our dedicated team on 01733 224 800 and they should be able to add your sports baggage onto your booking for you. Thanks – Sadie

  • sarah

    Hi If we book to stay at the smartline Kipriotis Hippocrates hotel, can we use all the facilities at the sister hotels?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Sarah. Thanks for your question. Yes, you should have no problem using the facilities of the sister hotels during your stay. Thanks – Sadie

  • TR

    we re travelling to the Algave in July, can I take, coffee, coffee mate and sugar in my case & teabags?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi TR. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, you can pack all of the above in your case. I never go away without my teabags! Thanks – Sadie

  • Margaret

    I booked a week at Belisiare hotel. Everything was perfect except the indoor
    swimming pool which was only available between the hours 12 -3p.m. Totally unsuitable hours to go swimming.
    I booked online and there was no mention of the limited use of the pool.
    If I had known this information I would not have booked.

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Margaret. Thanks for getting in touch and I’m glad to hear that everything was perfect apart from the swimming pool situation. Can I please ask you to call our customer relations team to discuss the matter further on 0844 412 5954. Alternatively, you can fill out a form online here: https://www.thomascook.com/customer-relations/ Thanks – Sadie

  • peter sandham

    Hi can you tell me why tc have pulled out of laico atlantic hotel in Banjul gambia cos we was going there with you and you havnt told us why we have been relocated to another hotel

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Peter. Thanks for getting in touch. If you received a letter regarding the relocation, there should be a number for you to call on there and they will be able to give you more information as to why. Alternatively, we have a dedicated team of travel experts who will be able to help you on 01733 224 800. Thanks – Sadie

      • peter sandham

        hI Sadie I’ve tried that number but they wont talk to me because we booked through travel councillors but they not said to her why they pulled out. we been going to laico four several years twice a year and we have three bags of holiday things fishing tackle etc at the hotel and now its going to cost us time and money to get.and tc say we been relcated like for like but the hotel they have put us in we have to pay foe a safe in room and its not cheep

        • SadieGeoghegan

          Hi Peter. I see – I didn’t realise you had booked through another travel agent, so that’s right, the number I gave you would not have been able to help. Would you be happy for me to pass your email address onto a relevant team who may be able to find out more information for you? They would need to contact you directly. I can send them the email you’ve used to submit this comment if you are happy for me to do so. Thanks – Sadie

          • peter sandham

            yes please

          • SadieGeoghegan

            Thanks Peter. I have passed it on.

  • alan

    I must admit i am dissappoited with your reply,I never thought that tc could add something on,We never requested seats together . We requested that we could pick our seats ,by doing that you will agree ttat we would pick them together and have no reason to ask for seats together and incur extra payment

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Alan. I’m sorry to hear that you are still not satisfied. Can I please ask that you call our customer relations team on 0844 412 5954 to discuss matters further. Alternatively, you can fill out a form online here: https://www.thomascook.com/customer-relations/. Thanks – Sadie

  • alan

    Nov 2014 I saw a thomson hol to cyprus on the net at a cheap price of £558 p.p. a real bargain. Having always booked with t.c. and would match the price ,I called in to one of your shops too be told the best they could do was 1178 for the two of us, being a regular customer i booked the holiday. I enquired about booking seats and was told we had to wait until march to pick them ,going to your store yesterday we find £38 added to our bill ,being told this is because you wanted to sit together and it will be another £36 when we choose where we want to sit. Is this right?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Alan. Thanks for getting in touch and continuing to book with Thomas Cook. That is correct. There are two additional options when it comes to booking your seats: one which is to guarantee that you sit together and another to choose your exact seat. But like I say, these are optional and mainly for piece of mind. If you are someone who likes to get to the airport in plenty of time before your flight and check in early, then you should have no problems being seated together. Hope this helps. Thanks – Sadie

  • Clive

    Why do Thomas Cook use premium rate numbers (0844) when contacting their shops? I am sure a lot of people think they are free or local rate.

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Clive. Thanks for getting in touch. I have passed your feedback on to our management team who are looking into this as a possible amend for the future. In the meantime, if you were to call one of our stores on an 0844 number, they would be more than happy to give you an immediate call back. Alternatively, you could email the store directly and request that they give you a call at a suitable time. Hope that helps. Thanks – Sadie

      • Clive

        Hi Sadie, thanks for the reply. Calling one of your stores and asking them to ring me back is still very expensive. 15p connection fee plus 5.1p per minute or 44p per minute from an EE mobile. I thought you had to publish the cost of calls on your website?

        • SadieGeoghegan

          Hi Clive. Please check your emails for the account you used to make these comments – I have emailed you with regards to organising a call back. Thanks very much – Sadie

  • Ros

    Could anyone tell me if or when thomas Cook are going to resume flights to the cayos in Cuba from gatwick. Have just got back from guadalavaca and met so many asking same question.

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Ros. Thanks for your question. We will begin flying from Gatwick from 10th April 2016 and these flights will continue throughout the summer. Hope this helps. Thanks – Sadie

  • leri

    Would like to thank a specifin member of staff how do I leave feedback?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Leri. Thanks for getting in touch. If you click on the following link and scroll about half way down the page, there is a section called ‘Saying Thank You’. You can then fill that out and it will go direct to both the member of staff and their manager. https://www.thomascook.com/customer-services/ Thanks – Sadie

  • Jackie Latimer

    why when you book on-line you don’t have a special request box to fill in

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Jackie. Thanks for your question. We are hoping to integrate that feature on our website at some point in the future. It is currently a work in progress. Thanks – Sadie

  • Sarah

    We’ve just returned from a week in Albufeira Portugal and it was lovely. The reps were great, Jen, Stevie-jo, Ricky and Miguel were brilliant and provided no end of entertainment for both children and adults. This was our first family holiday abroad for 12 years and were definatley not disappointed. Thank you Thomas Cook!

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Thank you, Sarah. It’s great to hear that you had such a lovely time. Hopefully you and your family have lots of great memories to treasure. Thanks for the feedback – Sadie

  • brummie

    we have booked our holiday now we want to book bundle
    but its not letting us on even with ref numer

    • Sadie Geoghegan

      Hi Brummie. Please call our Customer Relations team on 0844 412 5954 and they will be able to help you. Thanks – Sadie

  • Sergio

    how about 3 weeks stay in Lanzarote in january, I dont seem to find that either

  • madir

    if Mallorca is one of the closed warm places to go for the winter, then why dont you market holidays there in the winter??

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Madir. If you search for winter holidays to Majorca on our website, you will see that we offer them through our Thomas Cook Flexible Trips. Thanks – Sadie

  • Angela Lewis

    Thomas Cook let us down on our recent holiday to Barcelona.
    We booked our hotel using their city break option, only to find we were booked into a hotel out in the middle of nowhere!
    It turns out the web site claims a city centre location but the hotel is somewhere else. Very disappointing for us as we had to pay for another hotel so we could actually stay in Barcelona City (for a city break no less). Have complained but no joy as yet. Even more disappointed to see the mistake in their online advertising still hasn’t been corrected two weeks later.

    • James_LockwoodIP

      Hi Angela. Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your recent trip to Barcelona. Please call our customer relations team on 0844 412 5954 and I hope they will be able to help you. Thanks – Sadie.

  • A Ganesasangarlal

    ref no:10643823 flight no: TCX 1012 Do We get any transport from the Airport to the Hotel?

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