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Safety at your accommodation

Balconies and glass safety measures:

Children should never be left unsupervised on balconies, nor should there be any furniture near the balcony wall/railings as these could be easily climbed.  Never lean over, sit or climb on the balcony wall/railings and never jump from a balcony.  In recent years a number of people have been seriously injured or killed when jumping from balconies.

Please don’t try to pass items to someone on another balcony or climb from one balcony to another.

During the day when sunlight is bright or at night, glass doors can often appear open.  This can lead to accidents.  While glass doors like these should be marked appropriately, please do take care when using them. 

Bathroom safety:

Always take care when using the bathroom as surfaces may be slippery from condensation and water spray where bath or floor mats aren’t provided.  Also, be sure not to use any electrical appliances near  water.

Lift safety:

Although uncommon, some hotels have lifts that don’t have internal doors.  When using this type of lift stand back from the exposed wall(s).  Children should not use these alone and it’s advisable to hold their hands when using them together.

Electrical safety:

Before using any electrical appliance you find in your hotel room, make sure you read the instructions and ensure you use the appliance safely.  If you’re  travelling with children make sure that they’re also using any electrical appliances correctly.  If you’re  travelling with an infant, it would be good practice to research what type of plug sockets will be used at the hotel so that you can purchase the correct safety plug protectors. 

If you’re planning on taking an electrical appliance abroad with you (for example a mobile phone charger or hair straighteners), use the required adaptor suitable for the local voltage.  It’s advisable not to leave any item charging unattended.

Fire safety:

As soon as you arrive at your hotel, familiarise yourself with all escape routes, locate the nearest fire exit to your room and identify the method of raising the alarm.  You should either read the fire instruction notice displayed in your room or speak to a hotel representative.  It’s advisable to walk the nearest fire exit to your room so that you’re aware of the easiest way to get there and where it leads to.

To prevent a fire, make sure that all smoking materials such as cigarettes, are fully extinguished and that any gas or electrical appliances are being used correctly and are turned off when not in use, and items such as bags or clothing are not placed on cooker tops. 

If a fire does occur, make sure to evacuate the room immediately.  Close the door behind you, raise the alarm and make your way to an assembly point clear of the building.

If you’re unable to leave your room, close all doors, cover the door seals with wet towels or clothes and shout for help from a window or call reception via the telephone.