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Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice

The FCO offers advice about travelling abroad.  For each country listed, its website gives useful information on subjects including safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, natural disasters, the political situation, health alerts, and crime information. It also tells you what to do if something goes wrong.

At Thomas Cook the safety and well-being of our customers and staff is an absolute priority. This means that if we’re advised of an issue affecting one of our destinations, we will react immediately.  We rely on the information we receive from the FCO as being the most up to date and well informed. If FCO advice changes have a potential impact on one of our destinations, we will inform customers.

If, at any point, the FCO changes its advice to warn against all but essential travel to a country or area within a  country where we operate, we will immediately stop all travel, and begin a process of evacuating customers and staff from the affected area or country.

We update this page on a regular basis, including our current booking policies and customer service helpline numbers. We advise all customers to read the latest information on their chosen destination before they travel and, in light of news coverage of incidents in a number of countries to which we operate in recent months, we understand that you might want further information so have included quick links as below:-

Egypt Travel Advice

Tunisia Travel Advice

France Travel Advice

Belgium Travel Advice

Turkey Travel Advice

Gambia Travel Advice

If you require additional information or want to check the current advice for a country you can :-

•    Check the FCO website and click onto travel advice for the relevant country
•    Check in store or call your local store, our agents will be glad to look up the most up to date information
•    Call Thomas Cook on 01733 224 536, our agents will be glad to discuss the most up to date information
•    Travel agents can call 01733 224 520 for assistance if they cannot access the information on the internet

Weather and Natural Disasters:

Destinations may be affected by weather patterns such as tropical storms, monsoons, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, rainy seasons and flooding.  An example is the ‘hurricane ‘season, which affects the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico generally between June and November.  This is just one example and different weather patterns occur at different times of the year and the impact on destinations can and does vary.  Weather advice can frequently change and we recommend you check the latest FCO Travel Advice for your destination.  You can do this by visiting: :- and clicking on ‘travel abroad’, then ‘foreign travel advice’ then selecting the destination you require and finally clicking on ‘natural disasters’.  You’ll also see any applicable updates regarding earthquakes and volcanos.