Cala Bona

Avg weather in July
14 Hrs per day
10 mm per month
71 % avg
8 Mph avg

Cala Bona Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in Cala Bona in July?

Majorca has an incredible climate in the summer and Cala Bona weather in July is hot and dry. It’s one of the best times to visit this Mediterranean island because temperatures stay warm, even late into the evening, and there’s plenty of sunshine. The sea is very inviting too, which is good for a swim or to cool off from the sun.

Geographical influences

As the resort is on the coast, the weather in Cala Bona in July benefits from a gentle sea breeze, making the heat more pleasant. The winds tend to come from the north west of Majorca. As Cala Bona is on the east coast it’s more sheltered as the mountains block the wind.


July is the second hottest month in Cala Bona with an average temperature of 31°C, so you’ll have plenty of chances to sunbathe and relax by the pool. The average low is just 18°C. July is the driest month of the year in Cala Bona, with only three days of rain, and the sunshine shoots to a brilliant 14 hours per day. At the start of July the sun rises at 6.20am and sets around 9.20pm. The waters lapping the Cala Bona beaches will be about 24°C, which is great for a swim or paddle. The UV levels are high in July though, so use plenty of sunblock when you’re out in the sun.

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