Weather in Palma Nova

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Palma Nova

Its location on the south coast of Majorca means that Palma Nova has a typical Mediterranean climate with high temperatures throughout the year.

Palma Nova has a dry and hot weather in the summer with very little rainfall. It’s the best time to go to Palma Nova if you want to enjoy as much heat as possible. Temperatures often hit the high 20s, reaching highs of 30°C in August.

For slightly cooler temperatures, wait until autumn to travel to Palma Nova. By October, temperatures have lowered to around 24°C, which is perfect for sightseeing and enjoying a quieter pace at the resort.

If you love swimming in the sea, the best time to visit Palma Nova is from May to September, when the average water temperature is around 18°C that rises to the mid-20s in August.

The mountains in Majorca help protect surrounding towns and resorts from the strong southwest winds that blow over the island. However, they can’t block out all of the rain and Palma Nova tends to be slightly wetter and cloudier than resorts on the northeast of the island.

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