Weather in Santa Eulalia

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Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia’s location on the southwest coast of Ibiza means the town enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate characterised by long, hot summers and mild winters.

Temperatures rarely fall below 25°C but the best time to visit Santa Eulalia is between July and August with highs of 31°C.

For cooler weather and fewer crowds, wait until September to visit. Temperatures are still very warm and there’s plenty of sunshine throughout the month with at least 11 hours of sunshine each day.

UV rays can be very high in Santa Eulalia, so make sure to take care of your skin with high factor sun cream and find shade from the sun during the hottest time of the day.

Autumn is very peaceful and it’s the best time to go to Santa Eulalia if you prefer a cooler and more comfortable climate. With an average temperature of 20°C, the weather is still very pleasant without being too hot.

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