Weather in San Antonio Bay

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San Antonio Bay

The weather in San Antonio Bay is influenced by its location on the west coast of Ibiza. The area enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means the winter is very mild and wet and the summer is long, hot and dry.

The best time to go to San Antonio Bay for a warm holiday under the sun is between June and September when temperatures are in the high-20s. The warmest time of year is August, which has an average high of 31°C.

For cooler weather and just as much sunshine as the summer, arrive in spring. It’s the best time to visit San Antonio Bay because the weather is warm and ideal for relaxing on the beach, sightseeing or hiking through the forest. Temperatures are around 20°C and the sea has also warmed up to around 16°C.

Cooling winds blowing in from the sea often help to control the heat and humid summer climate. The average wind speed is around 10mph and tend to be felt more towards the coast than the mainland, which is great if you need to cool down during the day.

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