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El Gouna

This modern resort is located on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. Known for its sandy beaches and colourful coral reefs, El Gouna is a beautiful holiday destination at any time of the year.

The average temperature is usually in the high-twenties and thirties. The warmest weather runs from May until September, with an average high of 40°C.

For more comfortable weather, the best time to visit El Gouna is in autumn or spring. The sun shines for up to 13 hours per day and you can expect nothing but clear blue skies, unlimited sunshine and high temperatures.

El Gouna welcomes an inland breeze blowing in from the coast that helps to control the heat and humidity. The summer heat is often unbearably hot, which is when coastal winds can be very refreshing since they bring a cooling relief from the hot climate.

The water is warm and comfortable throughout the year, but the best time to go to El Gouna for the highest temperatures in the summer. Rainfall is very unlikely at all, but you might experience a light shower if you’re lucky.

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