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Guardalavaca is a beautiful holiday resort on the north-east coast of Cuba. The town enjoys a tropical climate, which means you can expect plenty of warm weather and sunshine all year.

The best time to visit Guardalavaca is in the dry season when temperatures are around 21˚C and the chance of a torrential downpour is smaller than last season. January is the coldest month of the year, but temperatures still reach highs of 26°C, which is very warm and pleasant.

For high temperatures and more sunshine, the best time to go to Guardalavaca is July. You’ll have 11 hours of sunlight per day, which tends to lessen to around nine hours by the time September arrives. Temperatures are blissful at around 31°C.

Trade winds play an important role in Guardalavaca’s climate and often tamper with the temperature and humidity. Winds can reach speeds of up to 13mph with humidity levels remaining steady in the seventies for most of the year.

There’s an annual rainfall of around 1300mm. Most of the rain falls throughout the wet season, with an average of 12 rainy days per month.

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