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Weather in Edmonton

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       Weather in Edmonton
      If you’re thinking of a break in Edmonton, check out our Edmonton weather forecast to see what the elements have in store for you. Taking the right sort of clothing can make all the difference to your getaway, so we’ll provide you with the details you need to make the best of your time here. Edmonton is full of attractions, from museums to entertainment parks and concert venues, so pack the right stuff and you’ll be comfortable whether the sun shines or the temperature drops. Our Edmonton weather forecast for the coming fortnight tells you all you need to know about the conditions in this part of Alberta to make the most of your break. Whether you’ll be based in the city or using it to explore the wider region, check the weather beforehand. Our month-long Edmonton weather forecast provides a broader picture of Edmonton weather over the coming month, to help you plan more effectively.
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      Light rain
      Tuesday, 30th NovemberLight rain
      High 6Low -2
      • Sun: 6 Hours daily
      • Wind: 19 Mph
      • Humidity: 91 %
      • Rain: 8 mm
      Patchy rain possible
      Wednesday, 1st DecemberPatchy rain possible
      High 7Low 3
      • Sun: 6 Hours daily
      • Wind: 23 Mph
      • Humidity: 93 %
      • Rain: 1 mm
      Thursday, 2nd DecemberSunny
      High 4Low -2
      • Sun: 7 Hours daily
      • Wind: 9 Mph
      • Humidity: 66 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Friday, 3rd DecemberOvercast
      High 2Low -2
      • Sun: 6 Hours daily
      • Wind: 13 Mph
      • Humidity: 79 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Heavy snow
      Saturday, 4th DecemberHeavy snow
      High 1Low -2
      • Sun: 4 Hours daily
      • Wind: 5 Mph
      • Humidity: 94 %
      • Rain: 3 mm
      Partly cloudy
      Sunday, 5th DecemberPartly cloudy
      High 0Low -2
      • Sun: 8 Hours daily
      • Wind: 4 Mph
      • Humidity: 85 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Heavy snow
      Monday, 6th DecemberHeavy snow
      High 2Low -0
      • Sun: 3 Hours daily
      • Wind: 5 Mph
      • Humidity: 98 %
      • Rain: 8 mm

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