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The best time to visit this dream destination is between November and February when you’ll find blue skies, dry conditions and warm but not too hot temperatures. The hottest period is April to May. May to October has more rain but the showers tend to be short and sharp, with the sunshine not far behind.

In the south west around Phuket and Krabi there are heavy storms from May to October, with around 400mm of rain falling in September. Then comes cooler and drier weather from November to February, with temperatures of around 27°C. The hottest weather comes between March and May when the thermometer can reach 35°C and there are up to nine hours of sunshine a day.

The south east around Koh Samui has most rain between September and December. Temperatures don’t vary much and average around 29°C, with around seven hours of sunshine a day to top up your tan.

Sea temperatures around Thailand vary little and are around a very pleasant 29°C, perfect for swimming and water-sports.

The north of Thailand around Chang Mai is drier and less affected by the monsoons, though rain falls mostly from May to November. Temperatures are around 35°C in March and April but drop to a pleasant 22°C between November and February. Pack jumpers for chilly mornings and evenings when the thermometer drops as low as 8°C. You’ll be pleased to know that humidity is at its lowest at this time of year and you can bask in nine hours of sunshine a day.

If you’re heading for Bangkok and the central region, from November to February the northeast monsoon blows in cool dry air and more pleasant temperatures, ranging from 18°C to 32°C. You’ll find March to June is hotter, with the thermometer rising over 30C every day and often staying in the high 30s. The hottest month is April, when temperatures soar to 40°C and 75% humidity.

If you visit from July to October, prepare to be rained upon almost everywhere in Thailand. You can expect flooding and humidity of up to 90%. Temperatures remain high, averaging around 30°C, though begin to drop in October.

Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand is one of the wettest areas of the country, but the rainy season of May to October is a good time to visit for lovers of wildlife. You’ll find temperatures are a comfortable 25°C, the rainforest is lush, the waterfalls are in full flow and there’s more chance of spotting animals like tigers, gibbons, wild elephants and bears.

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