Portaventura theme park

The mesmerising PortAventura Park is an adventure the whole family can enjoy. Explore the exciting wonders that can be found in the six different worlds that split the park. The Mediterrània has a beach style and features a variety of shops and restaurants. The picturesque lake is used during the FiestAventura parade, where floats, music and fireworks are displayed across the shimmering waters.

Enjoy the wild west theme of The Far West as you stroll around iconic saloon buildings and western sculptures. This is the largest area in the park and is home to nine top attractions. The Mayan themed Mexico section is where you’ll find the parks most thrilling rides like the knee trembling Templo Del Fuego. The Hurakan Condor has slanted seats and is one of the world’s tallest free falling rides, reaching a massive 330 feet.

Discover the speedy roller coaster of the hair raising Dragon Khan in China. Dragon Khan is the park’s largest ride that sends you spiralling through the air on a track full of exhilarating twists and turns. After exploring all the rides, feast on a delicious Chinese buffet at Marco Polo.

Spend time in the more laid back Polynesia area. Enjoy the themed shows, water rides and jungle atmosphere as you ride in a canoe along the river, through the exotic, shaded trees. The last section in the park is SesamoAventura, where you can meet popular Sesame Street characters and be entertained by the animations and daily shows. There’s a lot to do around the park like whirling around on the array of roller coasters, white-knuckle rides and children’s amusements in a friendly, upbeat environment.