Aqualand Torremolinos Water Park Spain

Discover Aqualand, the largest of the waterparks in Torremolinos, Costa del Sol. Home to the highest waterslide in Europe and 30 more attractions, it makes a great family day out. With summer temperatures in Torremolinos peaking between 28°C and 31°C, a visit to Torremolinos waterparks can be a welcome break from the heat of the sun. You’ll find it just a 10 minutes’ drive from the centre of town and half an hour away from Malaga. For those without a car, taxis are a good option and many of the resorts offer direct buses to Aqualand, making it a convenient place to spend a fun-filled day.

Tips before you travel

It covers a massive 70,000 square metres, so even though Aqualand is always busy, it rarely feels overcrowded. You can buy tickets on the door or book in advance and benefit from an online discount. You’ll find plenty of wide, open spaces in which to enjoy a picnic. Many of the picnic spots are fringed by trees, giving you somewhere shaded to sit.

Bringing your own food is permitted, the only restriction being that you’re not allowed to pack glass bottles. However, if you’d rather not be weighed down with the extra bags, there are on-site restaurants and snack-shacks where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch, a light bite, or a drink.

Despite Aqualand offering bucketloads of water-based activities and adventure, it’s well worth packing some drinks. It can get very hot during the summer and staying hydrated is important. Also take care to pack some sun cream; the water might be refreshing and cooling, but it can also be deceptive and lead to unwanted sunburn.

Brave the Kamikaze

The envy of other Torremolinos waterparks is Aqualand’s most popular and famous attraction: the Kamikaze. Standing at an impressive 22 metres high, it’s only for genuine adrenaline-junkies and cannot be ridden by anyone under 120cm tall. Once you’ve climbed to the top, you’ll not only be rewarded with a spectacular view of the whole park, but the foreboding 80-metre slide in front of you. Those brave enough to step up to the plate will find themselves in virtual freefall for a few seconds, before the slide catches up with you and sends you shooting along the surface of the pool below. While it might be one of the most nerve-shredding rides of all the waterparks in Torremolinos, it’s also the one that attracts the most visitors.

Rip-roaring rides and slides

Aqualand isn’t just about the Kamikaze; there’s a good variety of rides and slides to suit all ages. For older children and thrill-hungry adults, there have been some recent additions to the park, with the Boomerang being the newest. A 15-metre half-pipe you ride with a friend in an inflatable float. The descent is down an almost-vertical wall of water, before you speed up the opposite incline, and eventually come to a stop. For float-free fun and an experience that you won’t forget, the Twister is a snaking, winding waterslide that sends you hurtling through tunnels at incredible speeds. Alternatively, the Black Hole can be ridden by younger children, if accompanied by an adult. Sending you through a spiralling tunnel dimly lit by downlighters, it’s disorientating and thrilling.

For those who like to add the element of competition to their aquatic antics, the Multipista allows eight visitors to race against each other as you all zip along colourful slides.

Fun for younger visitors

As one of the best waterparks in Torremolinos, Aqualand caters to visitors of all ages and there’s plenty for younger visitors to enjoy. Look out for the Aquatic Mushroom; a fun-tastic fungus that youngsters can climb on and in, boasting its own set of slides and surrounded by a set of sea-dwelling creatures that squirt water.

Head to Kidzworld for shallow pools, scaled-down waterslides and pool games. With constant lifeguard patrols, it’s a safe area for parents and guardians to enjoy some time with their little ones. Similarly, the Children’s Paradise area was created with the youngest visitors in mind. There, you’ll find fountains, pools, mini-slides and inflatables, spread out across three sites.

If you’re visiting with children, be sure to regularly apply sun cream, as the heat of the sun can quickly damage young skin. The on-site shops also sell waterproof sun creams, so you can keep your children protected, even while they’re splashing about.

Relax in style

For those with older children, there’s even the chance to unwind and catch some rays while your teens test their nerves on the bigger rides and slides. Head to the Wave Pool, where you can rent a sunlounger and a parasol and relax in comfort. The Wave Pool, with its calm waters, is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet dip if the heat gets a little too much for you. However, if you’d rather be away from where the action is, the picnic areas that border the park are ideal; drop your towel, slap on your sun cream, and relax.

While many of the attractions do have queues, there’s the option to pay a little extra online or at the door and buy yourself a ‘fastpass’. These give you priority in queues, allowing you to get to the ride you want to, without having to wait in the hot sun.

The Sun Coast Festival

It’s worth knowing that Aqualand also has a secret identity. As the largest of the Torremolinos waterparks, it also acts as the headquarters for the legendary Sun Coast festival. Founded in 2005, it’s a festival for grown-ups, allowing them to enjoy all the thrills and spills of the park’s rides and slides, underscored by the sounds of some of the biggest and best names in techno, electronic, Latin and house music. For a full weekend, Aqualand is home to thousands of music-lovers, with dedicated clubber zones and live music performances.

Torremolinos is a fantastic, sun-splashed destination, offering beautiful beaches and astonishing attractions. However, when younger visitors get bored, it’s a good idea to have some entertainment up your sleeve, in the form of one of the best waterparks in Torremolinos.