Pelican Bar

This remarkable driftwood-stilted bar, just over 1km off the stunning turquoise shores of Parottee Bay, is like something out of a novel or film. While on the outside it may seem pretty rustic, once you get to the Pelican Bar Jamaica, you’ll be amazed by its unique charm and stunning natural surroundings.

This bar could easily be a contender for the coolest bar in the world, which feels like it’s in the heart of the ocean, even though it’s still within easy reach of the shore. Enjoy a nice cold beer, and go for a swim in the gin-clear water. Don’t worry if you’re not the best swimmer, because the water here is only about 2.5 to 3ft deep, with soft sand under your toes. Once you’ve finished splashing about, head back to the bar and treat yourself to some fresh seafood, although remember to order in advance, as it’s caught and cooked to order; you can’t get fresher than that!

The history of the bar

The Pelican Bar Jamaica was opened by Floyd Forbes, a local fisherman who wanted to build a bar with planks of wood. It was completed in 2001, although sadly it was devastated during Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Fortunately, the bar was later rebuilt, thanks to local donations, and was reopened just a few weeks afterwards.

The bar, accessible via a 20-minute boat journey, includes numerous trinkets from all over the world, and gets its name from the flocks of Pelicans that live on the sand banks here. Bear in mind that there’s no formal dining facilities at Pelican Bar Jamaica, and it’s best suited to adults only. So if you’re a couple on your honeymoon or a romantic break looking for a quirky experience in tropical paradise, this is the place to be.

Other places you can explore near Pelican Bar Jamaica

Spend some time at Treasure Beach, where you can explore four gorgeous coves: Great Pedro Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Billy’s Bay, and Calabash Bay. This area is a lot quieter and more secluded than many of Jamaica’s other resorts, and is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Luckily, there are daily boats between Treasure Beach and Pelican Bar, with the journey taking just 25 minutes.

Or you could spend some time at Parottee, which is just a 10-minute boat ride from Pelican Bar Jamaica. You’ll find another beautiful sandy beach overlooking crystal-clear water, and nearby you can take part take part in a Guachipelin Adventure Zipline Horseback River Tubing Combo, if you’re feeling brave! On the nearby Black River, this adrenaline-boosting attraction offers river tubing, zip-lining, and horseback riding, followed by a bath in volcanically heated pools to sooth your muscles. At this tour, you’ll also get the chance to tuck into a delicious buffet lunch so you can re-energise yourself after all that hard work having fun.