Things to do in Guardalavaca

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beach bum, an adrenaline junkie or a culture vulture, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes on a Guardalavaca holiday. When you come to Guardalavaca you’ll want to spend some quality time enjoying the warm Caribbean sun on one of the resort’s excellent beaches. But there’s only so much lounging around that you can do on a holiday before you’re itching to get out and explore the area around you! So here’s just a few things to do in Guardalavaca.

Sunbathing on the beaches

With pristine white sand, shady palm trees and a clear blue sea, Guardalavaca’s beaches are a dreamy place to spend the day. Whether you choose Guardalavaca beach, Esmerelda beach, or Playa Pesquero, you’ll find calm waters that are perfect for kids and plenty of space to lay your towel as you bask in the sun.

A day trip to Holguin

For a taste of real Cuba, take a day trip from Guardalavaca to Holguin. Just an hour’s drive from Guardalavaca is the island’s fourth-largest city. Stroll through the city’s streets and plazas as vintage Chevys pass you by, before trying the delicious yet cheap food in a traditional Cuban restaurant. There’s plenty of sightseeing to be done in Holguin, too. Add a visit to the Cuban cigar factory and a walk to see Catedral de San Isidoro’s twin domed towers and dazzling white exterior to your things to do in Guardalavaca list.

Hiking along nature trails

Take in the local nature sights with a walk on the Las Guanas Eco-Archaeological Trail. This self-guided 1km hike starts at the end of Playa Esmeralda road and is marked with inauthentic sculptures of indigenous Taíno guard. You’ll need to pay CUC$3 for the privilege, but the trail promises 14 endemic plant species, huge cacti, and bird species unique to Cuba en route.

Sightseeing on horseback

What better way to see what Guardalavaca has to offer than on horseback? Accompanied by Vaqueros (authentic Cuban cowboys), you and your family can explore the local sights from the comfort of a saddle. From a two-hour tour along the coast to a ride through the surrounding hills and beaches, you can choose your adventure to match your riding capability. Kids can even learn to ride with an introductory lesson close to the hotels.

Diving at the coral reefs

Discover Guardalavaca’s sights below the water with a guided scuba diving trip. Book a day trip with the Eagle Ray Scuba Diving Centre and you can visit some of the most beautiful dive spots in Cuba. Whether you’re a scuba newbie or diving veteran, you’ll enjoy swimming through the clear blue waters and exploring the underwater world of coral barriers and vibrant marine life.

Shopping at the Guardalavaca flea market

You can’t holiday here and not leave with a few souvenirs and mementos of your trip. So a rummage around the flea market has to be on your list of things to do in Guardalavaca. Just a short walk from the beach, you can browse the stalls for a variety of unique gifts to take home. There’s lots of clothes, trinkets, and leather goods on sale, as well as artwork and wooden carvings. Plus, the sellers are on rotation so it’s worth visiting more than once to see what’s new in.

1. Eagle Ray Scuba Diving Centre

Experience an incredible underwater world off the shores of Guardalavaca with a guided diving trip from the local beach. Visit some of the most beautiful diving spots in Cuban waters alongside the experienced PADI-qualified instructors
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3. Water sports

There is a whole host of water sports on offer to you during your stay in Guardalavaca. And what better environment to try them than in the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea?
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5. Explore the resort

Guardalavaca is home to a variety of different markets for you to browse and hunt out the best bargain. The most popular is the flea market, which many hotels will run buses to and from so that you can easily check it out for yourself.
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