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Stansted Airport Parking

Flying from Stansted? Why not get all your Stansted airport essentials sorted early so you can get on with planning what really matters - your holiday. When you book your parking in advance with Thomas Cook, not only do you ensure that you'll have a parking space on the day, but you can also save up to 60%! The earlier you book the better, so have a look below for all the information you'll need about Stansted car parks so you can get start getting sorted.

Another fantastic way to save money is with our hotel and parking packages. We pair up our rooms and parking services at Stansted Airport to create a range of packages to suit all budgets and traveller styles. So if you're after a fuss-free three-star that's perfect for a good night's rest, or a spa hotel with all the trimmings and VIP meet & greet parking, we're bound to have something for you. Head over to our hotel & parking page to find your perfect match, or read on to find out what our favourite hotel & parking packages are.

Parking Service Per Day From* Per Week From**
Long Stay Stansted Parking £9 £71.99
JetParks Stansted £9.12 £72.99
Short Stay Stansted £10.50 £84
Mid Stay Parking £11 £87.99
Official Valet £11.88 £95
Official Stansted Meet & Greet £12.88 £103

Types of Parking at Stansted

There are three main types of parking available at Stansted Airport. Read on to find out more about each to help you make your informed decision.

Park and Ride

A park & ride service is typically located a short distance away from the terminal, whether technically on airport grounds or just outside. When you arrive at the car park, you'll either need to park your car yourself in any available bay, or drop-off your car in an arrivals bay, and hand over your keys so car park staff can park your vehicle for you. Grab your luggage and catch the car park's shuttle transfer the rest of the way to the airport, which is included in the price. When you return, you'll simply need to catch the same bus back. Park & ride services include Long Stay and JetParks.

Meet and Greet

Meet & greet is our easiest and most convenient parking service on offer at Stansted Airport. Simply head straight to the terminal and pull-up in the drop-off point as detailed on your confirmation email. Either a professional driver will meet you there, or you'll need to head inside into the meet & greet office, where you'll need to hand over your keys. Car park staff will park your vehicle for you while you make the short stroll to the terminal. On return, simply head back to the meet & greet office to collect your keys, or collect them from the driver that meets you at the terminal.

Hotel Parking

The final parking service we offer is parking within a nearby hotel's grounds as part of a room & parking package deal. Park up in any space and head inside to check-in. Your car will stay with the hotel for the duration of your trip away, so you won't need to give your vehicle a second thought from the moment you switch off your engine. Then you'll either need to walk the rest of the way to the terminal, or the hotel reception staff will help to arrange a transfer. To find out more, head to our Stansted hotels page. Hotels that can offer onsite parking include Ash Barn Annex and the Novotel.

Recommended Parking Offers

We know you have busy lives and you don't want to spend an unnecessary amount of time shopping around for the perfect airport parking deal. We've picked our two favourite parking services at Stansted Airport, so you can make an informed decision quickly and easily.

Long Stay: Official Stansted Long Stay is super smooth and efficient, with everything running exactly how you'd expect. This award-winning car park has been described by our customers as 'smooth and seamless', and is located within the airport grounds. When you arrive, park in any space and head to the closest bus stop. Hop onto the free shuttle transfer the rest of the way to the airport. It really is that simple! The shuttle transfer takes around 15 minutes to reach the terminal, and when you return to the UK, you'll simply need to catch the same bus back to the car park. Prices for this service start from £9 per day, and £71.99 per week, which also makes it one of the cheapest car parks on offer at Stansted Airport.

Official Stansted Meet & Greet: For a touch of that VIP experience, a meet & greet parking service is super easy and convenient - the perfect way to kick off your holiday. Head to the Red Short Stay car park and drop-off your car in the meet & greet set-down lane. You'll be met by meet & greet staff, where you'll need to hand over your keys so they can park your car for you. Grab your luggage and make the few minute walk to the terminal. This package is ideal for those travelling with children, have a lot of luggage, or simply want a little bit of luxury, as this service is designed to ensure you experience the minimum amount of fuss at the airport. When you return, head back to the meet & greet reception, where you can pick up your keys and head off! Prices start from £12.88 per day, and £103.

Stansted Hotel and Parking

Booking a Stansted Airport hotel and parking package is the easiest way to ensure your holiday gets off to the smoothest start possible. There's no need to panic about missing your flight in the morning, or put up with that sense of dread you feel when you realise the traffic is building up... Simply head up to the airport the day before, kick-back in your comfortable room close to the airport, and make your leisurely way to the terminal in the morning. What's more, with our fantastic prices, a room and parking often doesn't work out that much more than parking alone, and you can make significant savings by booking them together with us, rather than separately. Have a look below to find out more about our favourite Stansted hotel and parking packages.

Ash Barn Annex with Hotel Parking:

ash barn annex stansted airport logo, exterior and bedroom

We love this hotel because it offers some of the best value stays at Stansted Airport, so it's perfect for those who want a zero-fuss stay. The hotel itself is a full-of-character listed building, nestled in a quiet village far from the hustle and bustle of the airport. With this package, you'll simply need to park in any available space on the hotel grounds. Your car will stay here until you return, as you don't need to hand your keys to reception. After a great night's sleep, the staff on reception will help you to arrange a taxi to the airport, which will cost around £14 per taxi, each way. The journey to the airport from the Ash Barn Annex takes around ten minutes.

Novotel with Meet & Greet:

novotel stansted airport exterior, bedroom and breakfast

With this package, head to your hotel first and park up in the Novotel's own car park. Don't worry, this is included in the package price. Head inside and enjoy a delicious dinner in their onsite restaurant, and then kick-back and relax in your comfortable room. When it's time to leave, drive to the meet & greet offices, which will be detailed on your confirmation email. You'll be met by a friendly member of the meet & greet team, who will take your keys and park your car while you head off to check-in, feeling refreshed and ready to face the day after a great night's sleep.

Safe And Secure Parking

To ensure the highest security standards for your car, we visit all of our car parks at Stansted Airport personally. Our car parks often hold a Park Mark Award as an assurance for their safety measures, which may include:

  • 24 hour patrols
  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance
  • Barrier controlled entrances and exits
  • Floodlighting
  • Perimeter fencing

How to Book

Head back to the top of this page and enter your dates and details into the search engine. When you click search, you'll be shown a list with all of the live prices and availability for all our parking services. You simply need to select the one you like the most and start getting excited for your holiday! If you want to book one of our fantastic hotel and parking packages, head over to our hotel & parking page and enter your information there.

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Do you need additional support? Our experienced travel team is happy to help with your airport parking whenever you need it. Just contact us with any queries - we are only too happy to help you.

*Prices based on our lowest price available for one day's parking, correct at time of writing and subject to change.

**Prices based on our lowest price available for a week's parking, correct at time of writing and subject to change.