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Santorini hotels allow you to take in a harmonious blend of breathtaking vistas, rich history and culinary delights. Whether you're captivated by the iconic sunsets, ancient ruins or the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, this Greek island promises an unforgettable stay.

Santorini Palace stands as an architectural gem amid the island's beauty, with a view overlooking the volcanic landscape. Relax in the shimmering pools while gazing at the caldera or rejuvenate at the spa. When you get peckish, select from delicacies expertly prepared by the hotel’s chef including grilled octopus, moussaka and honey-infused desserts.

Nestled against the stunning caldera cliffs, Mr & Mrs White Santorini offers a luxurious getaway. Unwind in the infinity pool or pamper yourself at the spa. The hotel's restaurant beckons with a culinary journey featuring Mediterranean flavours, from fresh seafood to local delicacies. The nearby cliffs provide a setting so spectacular that it’s a popular wedding venue.

Located on the outskirts of Fira, the island’s capital, Infinity Suites & Dana Villas is perfectly placed for those embarking on the scenic 10km Fira to Oia hike. If you undertake the walk in the afternoon, stay for the stunning sunset and then return on the bus (20 minute ride) for your gastronomic adventure at the hotel’s Orkos restaurant, accompanied by a glass of Santorini wine. Prefer to take it easy? There’s interesting museums and churches to see and boat tours you can join.

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