Ancient Thera Greece

With many centuries of ancient history to accompany the spectacular scenery, a visit to Ancient Thera is an absolute must on your holiday to Kamari. Whether you're a history buff or not, it's hard not to be impressed by this wonderful attraction.

If you have a car, you can drive right up the twisty road to the entrance at the top of the Messavouno mountain. There are regular minibuses that run from Kamari, or you can hike up the mountain in about an hour if you're feeling active.

Arriving at the top, gaze back down towards Kamari and out across the shimmering Aegean Sea towards the other Cyclades islands. Then turn your attention to the incredible site ahead of you, which was inhabited as far back as the ninth century BC. With its excellent strategic position, after being founded by the Dorians it came under the wing of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine empires.

Imagine the lives that the locals led all those centuries ago as you wander among the ruins of the houses, temples, theatre and gymnasium. The main street stretched for almost 800 metres, with separate areas for a garrison and sacred temple area. The limestone used for building was cut from the mountain itself, while you'll also be able to see relief sculptures and ancient works of pottery.

There isn't much shade at the top of the mountain, so consider wearing a hat if it's hot and bring plenty of water. There's usually a nice breeze though, which should keep you comfortable while you're exploring the ancient ruins.

On your return back down from the fascinating site, relax for a while on Kamari Beach, or visit the Gaia Winery. If you can, stick around for sunset at Ancient Thera for a truly memorable experience.

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