Lefkas holidays

Lefkas holidays

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Lefkas (or Lefkada) is a glorious Greek island adrift in the azure Ionian Sea. Although this is a bit of an under-the-radar destination, it’s one of the most striking places the country has to offer, so it’s well worth discovering. Lefkas is connected via a floating bridge to the Preveza region on the west coast of mainland Greece, so it’s easy to make your way there from the airport. And on arrival you’ll discover a string of upbeat cities and a wealth of laid-back beach resorts like Nidri, Nikiana and Agios Ioannis.

Pretty, pastel-coloured towns that have hardly changed in a century dot the landscape, surrounded by hilly green scenery. This really is one of Greece’s best kept secrets and you’ll love coming back time again for a Lefkas holiday!

Things to do

Lefkas’ shoreline is simply stunning; make your way around the island’s coastline and you’ll find golden sandy beaches and pebbly coves brushing up against the glistening Ionian Sea. And if you’d like to take a trip out to sea, Lefkas Town’s marina is the best jump-off point for sailing and trips to the mysterious Papanikolis Sea Cave. Inland from the beaches, you’ll find spectacular scenery ready and waiting for you to explore; think lush green hills, beautiful olive groves and breath-taking national parks. It’s the perfect place to walk, cycle and birdwatch.

Beautiful beaches

Considered as some of the best beaches across the entire Mediterranean, the shores of Lefkas are beautiful, elegant and peaceful. Surrounded by striking landscapes and gentle blue waves the beaches attract travellers to their shores across all seasons. The most famous beaches are within Porto, Egremni and Kathisma and are great spots for windsurfing.

Nidri Town

Explore the lively Nidri Town on the east coast of Lefkas island. The town is a former fishing village bursting with tradition and natural charm. A stroll along the waterfront will reveal a number of authentic Greek tavernas infused with the flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy a mouth watering selection of Mezze and wash down your meal with a glass of wine from one of the local vineyards.

Explore Lefkas hiking

Striking scenery and fascinating cultural attractions can be discovered on a hiking trail across the island of Lefkas. Amongst the beautiful countryside and lush green valleys there are castles, monasteries and churches, each with its own story and unique historic significance. Exploring the island on foot you will be able to see the stunning picturesque views and unspoilt nature from the heart of the island’s terrain.

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Map of Lefkas

30 ℃

Expect long, warm summers with lots of sunshine.

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4 hours

Preveza Airport (PVK) on the mainland, around half an hour from Lefkas.

Lefkas is best for...

Beach lovers: This beautiful island is home to some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean; expect nothing less than pristine beaches surrounded by lush countryside in places like Nidri, Nikiana and Agios Ioannis. 

Explorers: The island’s interior is brimming with beautiful waterfalls, green pine forests and 1,000-metre mountains. And you won’t want to miss the hidden World War II submarine base (Papanikolis Cave) just off the coastline, either!

Day-trippers: You’ll love hopping over to one of Lefkas’ ten satellite islands. Just jump aboard a boat from the quay in Nidri or Vassiliki and you’re good to go.

Fast facts for Lefkas

Language: The language spoken here is Greek.

Currency: The currency used here is the Euro (€).

Local time: Lefkas is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Aktion National Airport on the Greek mainland. The transfer over a floating bridge to the island of Lefkas takes just 30 minutes. 

Flight time from the UK: The flight time to Lefkas is 4 hours.

Tourist information: Before Lefkas holidays (or Lefkada holidays), it’s well worth visiting www.visitgreece.gr to learn more about your destination.

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Getting around Lefkas

By hire car: If you’d want the freedom to explore the island at your leisure (and it’s well worth exploring), there’s no better way to do it than with a rental car. You’ll find plenty of car hire companies to choose from at Preveza Airport.

By bike: It’s an absolute treat to see Lefkas (Lefkada) on two wheels. Many hotels at the beach resorts will have bikes for hire, so why not pick one up and give it a go?

By bus: Regular services run in and between the main beach resorts. They’re a quick and affordable way to hop between resorts, and handy for popping down to the beach from your hotel.

Events in Lefkas

International Folklore Festival: Lefkas (Lefkada) has hosted this event since the 1950s, and today it attracts more visitors than ever. Held in August, people flock here from all over the world to join in with the island’s celebration of its traditions. Expect colourful parades with dancers in traditional costumes, along with live music and lots of festivities on the beach.

Good Friday: Easter is an exciting time around here. The island celebrates Good Friday in style, with local bands playing music as processions wind their way through the streets before meeting in the central square.

Lefkas weather

Temperature: The summer average is 25°C, but 30°C peaks aren’t uncommon in August.

Best time to visit: Book Lefkas holidays for June if you fancy steady sunshine and a mild climate in the mid-20s (°C).

Summers in Lefkas (Lefkada) are long and warm, with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures start to rise in May, with peaks of 18°C. And between June and late August, the mercury creeps up to the mid-20s (°C) and even the low 30s (°C) during heatwaves. It’s worth noting that the south of the island can be pretty windy from time to time; it’s ideal windsurfing weather and takes the edge off the heat in the summer.

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