Light and Music Fountain

The light and music fountain is an absolute must-see when visiting Playa de las Americas. Listen to music from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Glen Miller played to the synchronised water spouts that are illuminated by colourful under water lights. Don't forget to take photos, it really is a magical sight. The fountain is situated in the middle of the Centro Comercial Safari (Safari Shopping Centre) and the water begins to dance at 9pm every night.

The location has been compared to the vibes similar in Las Vegas, with the multi-million pound hotels and designer shopping outlets. See the likes of Timberland, Rolex and Adidas as you wonder round hundreds of shops. After you're all shopped out, have a sit down at Harry's Bar that overlooks the magical fountain and have a relaxing evening, cocktail in hand.

Light and Music Fountain image

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