Masca Valley in Tenerife

Join thousands of people by hiking the ever popular Masca Valley and absorb the beauty that surrounds you from start to finish. Travel by car, public transport or join a guided trip to make the most of this fantastic location.

Begin your journey at the stunning Masca village, with its intricate old stone houses and swaying palm trees, before venturing 2,000 feet down towards the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Work your way through narrow gorges and trek past tumbling waterfalls and enticing caves, while taking in the rock formations, beautiful greenery and imposing rock faces. You'll hear the sound of the sea as you approach the final rocky arch, and then make your way onto the unique black sand beach at Masca Bay.

Round your day off with a spot of swimming and snorkelling before heading back on your return journey. You can either take on the hike back up the valley if you're feeling adventurous and have some energy left, or travel by sea and add another layer to this amazing experience.

Climb aboard for a short boat ride speeding through the glistening waters as you leave Masca Valley behind. You'll pass the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes and even have the chance to spot both whales and dolphins in the wild. Seeing these beautiful animals up close would be an unforgettable experience and the ideal way to finish the trip.

Your adventure will end as you climb back onto land at the marina in Los Gigantes port, just leaving you with enough time to reflect on your perfect day.

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