Tenerife - currency

The currency in Tenerife is the Euro.

As it’s part of Spain, Tenerife is in the eurozone – so you might even have some currency to hand from your last holiday to get you started. For the best rate, buy your travel money before you go.

If you’re not able to grab any cash before you leave for your holiday, you can always exchange money when you get there or take it out at a cash machine. Just make sure you’re aware of any charges or limits your bank may have set! Some may charge you to withdraw in a foreign country, or in a different currency, so it’s a good idea to check before you jet off.

And while we know how convenient it is, we recommend you avoid exchanging your travel money at the airport as rates tend to be higher with added fees.

Credit and debit cards are accepted all over Tenerife, or you could use a travel money card for extra security and easier budgeting. Only the most remote restaurants and bars won’t have a card reader.

Mind you, you’ll often find that some shops and restaurants prefer cash for small purchases. So, it’s always useful to carry a few euros to help with budgeting and emergencies. And that’ll also be handy for tipping waiters and drivers.