Visit picturesque Lindos

Lindos is one of the most popular villages on Rhodes and it's impossible not to fall in love with its traditional Greek charm. Think cobbled streets, white-washed buildings and sleepy looking donkeys and you'll get a little idea of what to expect at this quaint and pretty corner of the island. Wander around the typically narrow alleyways, perusing the local shops before enjoying a well-earned rest at one of the many roof-top bars or restaurants. Be sure to make the most of the breath-taking scenery that surrounds you in the shape of stunning lagoons and crystal clear waters. The village is car free and has an official preservation order in place, ensuring that it maintains its authentic Greek allure. But don't let this fool you, because once night falls, the bars come alive and bring an awakened energy to the streets. A trip to Lindos wouldn't be complete without a walk up to the ancient Acropolis to indulge in the local history and take in the magnificent views. A peaceful haven away from the bustling streets of the village below, you'll be needing plenty of space on your memory card to capture all the incredible picture opportunities that lie before you.

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