Avg weather in November
10 Hrs per day
61 mm per month
74 % avg
16 Mph avg

Mykonos Weather in November

What’s the weather like in Mykonos in November?

Book your trip to the Greek island of Mynokos this month and you’ll enjoy a very mild climate. There could be some showers, but expect to see lots of sunshine too, as the Mykonos weather in November is some of the best in Europe.

Geographical influences

Mykonos gets its Mediterranean-like climate thanks to its location between Greece and Turkey, in the warm Aegean Sea. The water’s about 18°C at this time and that helps to keep the temperature on land from falling too low. There could be more cloud around, as November’s one of the wetter months.


The mild to warm weather in Mykonos in November produces a high temperature of 18°C, which is great for late autumn. This could fall on cooler days, with an average low of 11°C. The island soaks up about eight hours of Greek sunshine in November. The sun rises around 6.50am and sets at 5.15pm, which compares well to the dark days at this time in the UK and northern Europe. There’s a good chance you’ll get some showers during your stay. Mykonos has an average of 66mm of rainfall across eight wet-weather days.

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