Avg weather in June
14 Hrs per day
15 mm per month
76 % avg
13 Mph avg

Mykonos Weather in June

What’s the weather like in Mykonos in June?

Head to this amazing Greek island this month and you’ll enjoy a hot, sunny and dry climate. The Mykonos weather in June is some of the best throughout Europe and the Mediterranean-like conditions let you lounge by the beach or pool and soak up the sun.

Geographical influences

Mykonos is a popular hotpot in the Aegean Sea, found to the south-east of Greece. It’s part of the Cyclades islands between Greece and Turkey. In June, the Meltemi winds sweep in from the north and north-west and bring a cool breeze on hot days.


Mykonos basks in high temperatures in the summer month of June. Relax around the sandy beaches and make the most of the 27°C average high. Even on milder days, it’ll only drop to about 21°C. You can expect it to be around 19°C in the evening. Mykonos is famous for its superb Greek sunshine. The sun rises at 6am and stays up until 8.45pm, with 13 hours of clear sunshine each day on average. It’s possible that you’ll see no rain at all during your stay on the island. The brilliant weather in Mykonos in June produces just 7mm across two or three days with brief showers. The Aegean Sea should be between 22°C to 24°C, which is very tempting for a cool splash.

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